Tenant Representation - Meadowlands

We believe that the key to successful Tenant Representation is a hand-in-hand working relationship between the real estate broker and the client. The fiduciary relationship created by Tenant Representation has changed the face of the industrial real estate industry. It allows for clear and concise thinking, free of unnecessary outside influences and distractions, culminating in a carefully considered decision made without bias. Our skill as negotiators, combined with our strong presence in the marketplace and commitment to hard work, have enabled us to successfully meet our client's needs time and time again.

Meadowlands Tenant Representation - Industrial Property

Tenant Representation - Industrial Property

In recent years, most major corporations have taken advantage of Tenant Representation as the most effective way to select a location. Tenant Representation simplifies the relocation process by eliminating the conflict and confusion caused by several brokers, none of whom have a complete understanding of your requirements. The Tenant representative discerns in advance whether the property is suitable, so that your time is not consumed with fruitless inspections of inappropriate properties. By excluding unnecessary telephone conversations with a multitude of unknown and inexperienced real estate salespeople, your time is freed to concentrate on conducting your business.

Industrial Property Tenant Representation MeadowlandsAs your exclusive representative, the Meadowlands real estate professional becomes an indispensable part of your corporate relocation team, and an extension of your company. With the real estate professional spearheading the project, all available properties can be screened and considered without bias or high pressure. The net result is a well researched, educated real estate decision, based upon your company's specific needs and requirements.

Our sales staff consists of seasoned veterans in industrial real estate, who aide clients throughout all phases of acquiring commercial and industrial real estate in the Meadowlands area. Because we have chosen to specialize in industrial and hi-tech properties within a specific geography, we have established a strong presence throughout New Jersey and have developed a reputation of in-depth expertise, much admired by our clients, customers and competitors. We take pride in offering our services to clients on an exclusive basis and firmly believe that Tenant Representation is the most effective and efficient way to real estate acquisition. Most importantly, Bussel Realty Corp represents you, the Tenant. Our association with you is fully disclosed to the owner or landlord and our fee is paid by the owner or landlord, unless you request otherwise.

If you are in the market for Meadowlands area industrial real estate, give us a call. Talk to one of our staff and find out if Tenant Representation can help you find a new home for your company

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