Landlord Representation - Edison NJ

BRC's landlord representation services is strategic in focus and based upon our review of competing properties, potential tenants for the building, the perception (or misperception) of the property in the "market" and the owner's goals and objectives.

Landlord Rep | Industrial Property - Edison NJ
SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Assessment for your Edison NJ area Commercial Real Estate | Industrial Property

Target Market, Message, and Pricing

Based on our review, we determine our target market, our message to the market and what our pricing and terms should initially be.

It is critical to understand a property's strengths and weaknesses which have shaped its perception in the Edison NJ area market. This will influence our marketing and message to the market, and ultimately affect our recommended offering terms for the property. We will also determine from this if we need to reposition and send a "new" message to the market about the property's true value proposition.

Once our strategy has been determined for the property and agreed-upon with ownership, we then begin executing our property marketing campaign to maximize the sales and/or lease price of the area property, and sell and/or lease the property in the most expeditious possible timeframe.


Commercial Property Valuation Analysis | Industrial Property - Edison NJ

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