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Our marketing strategy is fundamental: Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!
We believe that the most significant ingredient in marketing real estate is the amount of exposure that a property receives. When we exclusively represent your property, you can be rest assured that it is getting the best exposure. As with any relationship, communication is the key, and we strive to keep property owners updated on all activity on their property. We utilize a unique combination of traditional and high-tech marketing methods to make the most of what's available today. Take a look at what we can offer you as your Exclusive Broker for your Somerset County NJ property.

Somerset County NJ Commercial & Industrial Property Marketing Experts | Investment Property

Local Real Estate Knowledge

Bussel Realty has a strong visible presence throughout New Jersey. We have an extensive computerized database, and a sales staff that is thoroughly familiar with the Somerset County NJ market. Also, we are members if such local organizations as, New Jersey Business & Industry Associates, Better Business Bureau, and several Chambers of Commerce.

National Capabilities

Bussel Realty Corporation is a member of several organizations nationwide and is continually looking to further network itself to ensure that your property gains the maximum exposure possible. memberships include: SIOR, IOREBA, and AECRE.

International Exposure

Your property will be listed in this website, where it will receive international exposure through the Internet

Marketing Strategy - Somerset County NJ

As a Bussel Realty Exclusive, your property will receive the following:

  • Brochures
    We will design a brochure specifically to promote your property and will also feature the property from time to time in our quarterly newsletter. Bussel's in-house advertising and public relations staff will send press releases to the above mentioned publications featuring your property, with its special amenities and advantages.
  • Signs
    Signage is an important component in the marketing process, and will be a valuable asset in introducing your property to the Somerset County NJ market. Our standard, professional sign will be displayed on your property at the most visible location, letting potential buyers and/or tenants know your space is available.
  • Mailings
    We frequently use direct mail, featuring flyers and brochures on our Exclusive properties, as well as, personalized letters. These are directed not only to the Fortune 500 firms across the United States, but to the local individually owned firms within the Somerset County NJ area. Your brochure will be included in our regular mailings. We possess extensive in-house mailing lists and capabilities, and it will all be at the disposal of your property's best interests. We also frequently do electronic mailings to hundreds of companies at a time,again making them aware of what your property has to offer them.
  • CoStar National Listing Service
    This is industrial real estate's answer to the multiple listing service. Every listing we represent is posted in CoStar's database. With few exceptions, every commercial real estate firm in the tri-state area has access to this listing information, as do many institutional real estate owners and professional developers. CoStar is accessed over 220,000 times per month by 8,000 real estate professionals at more than 700 firms. This allows us potentially world wide and constant exposure for our exclusively listed Somerset County NJ properties.
  • Print Ads
    It is vital that your property remains constantly in the forefront of the corporate decision makers. Regular advertising and publicity releases are planned to target investors, as well as, companies looking to relocate or expand their operation. We will advertise in the local newspapers, trade journals, and other publications best suited to maximize your Somerset County NJ property's exposure. Some of the newspapers and trade journals we currently advertise in include: The Star Ledger, New York Times, Bergen County Record, New Jersey Business News, the Tri-State Real Estate Journal, and New Jersey Industrial News.
  • Brokerage Cooperation
    Bussel Realty Corporation takes pride in its ability to cooperate with other real estate firms. Through our extensive monthly broker mailing, the details of your property, along with a small photo, will be outlined and promoted to brokers in the Somerset County NJ area, across New Jersey and nationally. We are in constant contact with brokers of other firms and do not hesitate to offer your property to their potential clients.
  • Open Houses
    A Broker's Open House will be planned for your property. All real estate professionals are invited to attend a breakfast or luncheon, to personally acquaint themselves with your property. This aids in keeping your Somerset County NJ property in front of the availability market and encourages outside brokers to show your property to potential clients.
  • Canvassing
    At Bussel Realty Corporation, we have found that while advertising broker cooperation and contact with outside organizations and agencies are essential, perhaps the most effective marketing tool is good, old-fashioned canvassing! Canvassing, whether it be on foot or through telecommunications, provides direct contact with prospective tenants and purchasers. Each member of our salesforce is aggressively involved in some form of canvassing on a daily basis.

Marketing Schedule

A typical marketing schedule would look something like the following chart:

Week One
  • Meet with client or their authorized representative to discuss marketing strategy.
  • Discuss current marketing conditions.
  • Analyze and assess valuation.
  • Discuss target areas, such as targeted geographic locations and potential customer profiles.
  • Prepare and order signage.
  • Prepare and order brochure and postcards.
  • Update in-house specification sheet.
  • Discuss with all Bussel Realty salespeople.
  • Post our new listing information on the Internet and CoStar.
Week Two
  • Continue to work on organizing and preparing mailing lists, print ads, brochures, and contacting outside organizations, agencies, and co-brokers.
  • Canvass immediate area.
  • Install signs.
Week Three
  • Commence mailings and oral communications with co-brokers, agencies, and other outside organizations.
  • Commence print advertising.
  • Schedule open house.
Week Four and After
  • Continue on a regular basis with all previously mentioned marketing efforts.
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